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Rocco and His Brothers 16

Based on the screenplay of Rocco and his brothers

Performance length: 3 hour(s) 40 minutes
Number of breaks: 1

Rosaria Parondi
Amelie Gianelli
Widow Donini, Laundry Owner
Duilio Morini, Manager
Morley, Boxing Coach
Rosaria’s sons

Vincenzo Parondi
Simone Parondi
Rocco Parondi
Ciro Parondi
Luca Parondi

Ákos Haszon

Amelie's Children

Ginetta Gianelli, Vincenzo’s fiancée
Alfredo Gianelli
Franca, Ciro’s fiancée

Johanna Nagy

Júlia Szász e.h.

Set and Costume Designer
Boxing Expert

Pál Bedák boxer

Stage manager

Márta Kabai

István Lencsés


Szilvia Kabódi

Assistant director

Péter Kernács

19 September 2019

At the MITEM2020 Performed in Hungarian with English translation