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Eimuntas Nekrošius

Rendező (1952-2018)

Korábbi munkái a Nemzeti Színházban

Major awards:

1988: the prize of "Politiki" newspaper for the best director's work, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
1991: the special prize of Taormin Arts Faculty (Italy) and European Theatre Union for the theatre deserts
1994: Lithuanian Theatre Union prize for the best director of the year
1994: the art prize of The International Baltic Assembly
1994: the New Theatre Realia prize of Taormin Arts Committee and European Theatre Union
1995: the Best Director's prize of the "Baltijskij dom" festival, St. Petersburg, Russia
1997: National Culture and Arts Premium
1997, 1999 & 2004: The "Golden Mask" (Moscow) prizes for the best foreign performances shown in Russia
1998: Lithuanian Theatre Union prize for the best director of the year
1999: the premium of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania
1999: the prize for the best performance of the "Kontakt" festival, Torun, Poland
2001: prizes for the best performance and the best director of the "Mess" festival, Sarayevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
2001: the International K. Stanislavsky Fund premium, Moscow, Russia
2003: Ministry's of Culture premium for the "Best Professional Theatre Artists of the Season"
2004: the special journalists and theatre critics "Golden Mask" (Moscow) prize for the best performance staged in Russia
2005: Letter of Honor "For the Spread of Lithuanian Theatre Culture" from the Lithuanian Institute of Awards "LT Identity 2004"
2007: An award from the Italian Critics Association for the best foreign performance shown in Italy 2008: UBU award for „Faust“, Italy

2010: Golden Stage Cross for the best production of the season (The Idiot by Dostoevsky)

2015: Award Commendatore dell'Ordine della Stella d'Italia given by the President of Italy.

Staged plays:


1977: S. Delaney "A Taste of Honey", State Youth Theatre
1978: S. Šaltenis "The Ballads of Duokiškis", Kaunas National Drama Theatre
1978: A. Chekhov "Ivanov", Kaunas National Drama Theatre
1980: G. Kanovičius, S. Šaltenis "The Cat Behind the Door", State Youth Theatre
1980: E. Nekrošius "The Quadrate", State Youth Theatre
1981: V. Korastyliov "Pirosmani, Pirosmani...", State Youth Theatre
1982: K. Antanėlis, S. Geda "Love and Death in Verona", State Youth Theatre
1983 C. Aitmatov "A Day Long as a Century", State Youth Theatre
1986: A. Chekhov "Uncle Vanya", State Youth Theatre
1991: N. Gogol "The Nose", State Youth Theatre
1994: A. Pushkin "Mozart and Salieri. Don Chuan. The Plague", LIFE festival
1994: A. Pushkin "The Little Tragedies", LIFE festival
1995: A. Chekhov "Three Sisters", LIFE festival
1996: K. Antanėlis, S. Geda "Love and Death in Verona", LIFE festival
1997: W. Shakespeare "Hamlet", LIFE festival
1999: W. Shakespeare "Macbeth", Meno fortas
2000: W. Shakespeare "Othello", Meno fortas
2000: A. Chekhov "The Seagull", the project of Ecole des Maitres actors and Eimuntas Nekrošius
2002: A. Chekhov "Ivanov", Teatro Argentina, Rome, Italy
2002: G. Verdi "Macbeth", Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Florence, Italy
2003: G. Verdi "Macbeth", Teatro Massimo di Palermo, Palermo, Italy
2003: G. Verdi "Macbeth", Bolshoy Theatre , Moscow, Russia
2003: "K. Donelaitis. The Seasons. The Joys of Spring", Meno fortas
2003: "K. Donelaitis. The Seasons. Autumn Wealth", Meno fortas
2003: A. Chekhov "The Cherry Orchard", National K. Stanislavsky Fund, Meno fortas
2004: "Song of Songs" (based on the motif of the poem of The Old Testament), Meno fortas
2005: L. Desiatnikov "The Children of Rosenthal", Bolshoy Theatre, Moscow, Russia
2006: J. W. Goethe "Faust", Meno fortas
2007: R. Wagner "Valkyrie" (opera), Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre

2008: L.Tolstoy „Anna Karenina“ Emilia Romagna Teatro, Modena, Italy

2008: N. Rimsky – Korsakov „The Legend of invisible City of Kitez“ (opera), Teatro Lirico di Cagliari, Italy. Bolshoy Theatre, Moscow.

2009: Fiodor Dostoevsky „The Idiot“ Meno Fortas Theatre

2010: Charles Gounod „Faust“ Teatro La Scala, Milan, Italy

2011: Alber  Camus „Caligula“ Theatre of Nations, Moscow, Russia

2011: Verdi „Othello“, Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet theatre, Vilnius, Lithuania

2012: Dante Alighieri „Divine Comedy“ Meno Fortas Theatre, Vilnius, Lithuania

2013: Dante Alighieri „Paradise“ Meno Fortas Theatre, Vilnius, Lithuania

2014: The Book of Job, Meno Fortas Theatre, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2015: Boris Godunov, Lithuanian National Drama Theatre

2015: A Hunger Artist by Franz Kafka, Meno Fortas Theatre

2016:  Adam Mickiewicz, Dziady. Teatr Narodowy, Warsaw, Poland

Eimuntas Nekrošius