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The Scourge of God

Based on Miklós Bánffy's play, The Great Lord

In 2015, the production received the 15th Pécs National Theatre Meeting awards for “Best Performance”, “Best Direction” and “Best Design”. Lajos Ottó Horváth (Prince Berik) won the “Award for Best Actor”.

Performance length: 2 hour(s) 50 minutes
Number of breaks: 1

The Warlord Attila

László Mátray guest artist

Mikolt princess

Estilla Mikecz guest artist

Prioress Eirene
Berik, Gothic prince
Archimandrite Euthymos, Byzantine envoy
Zerkon, jester
Ataulf, Gothic warrior
Hylarion, a Manicheist
Kurkut, the ogan khan
High Shaman

Tamás Olt guest artist

In the Shaman woman’s role, Éva Kanalas performs her own songs

Kanalas Éva guest artist

Edek, a messenger
Hun warrior
Stage and costume designer

Kati Gróf

Stage manager

István Géczy

István Lencsés

Krisztián Ködmen

Assistant director
19 December 2014

Due to the show’s special start and the custom-built auditorium, the doors will only be opened 5 minutes before the start.