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Theatre Olympics / MITEM

On the Road to Rebirth

Juliette Binoche's confessions on the book Talking with Angels and the performance The Matter of Light

Oscar-winning actress Juliette Binoche has had many public readings of Talking with Angels, and has mentioned in several interviews this book about four young people's questions and their quest for answers amidst the horrors of the world war. What does this Hungarian book mean for a French actor? Why has its underlying spirituality captured her? In what ways does it help the professional work of an actor and the daily life of a woman? Why does she think it's important to present the teachings of this work also in a theatrical setting? These are some of the questions Juliette Binoche addresses in the interview on her reading performance at MITEM The Matter of Light, based on the book Talking with Angels. 

29 April 2023, Saturday, 2 - 6 pm, Kaszás Attila Hall

Workshop on the Sociology of Theatre

The workshop aims to promote research in the sociology of theatre in Hungary. The proceedings of the workshop will be published in the journal Uránia in Hungarian and English.

23 April 2023, Sunday, 6 PM, Kaszás Attila Stage

Contemporary Theatre of the Universal Standard: Tadashi Suzuki in Toga

SCOT Symposium and Demonstration

The Symposium is organised around the Suzuki Company of Toga's (SCOT) theatrical work of nearly 50 years, with a particular emphasis on the Suzuki Method of Actor Training (SMAT), to investigate how and why the SCOT has created a universal standard for contemporary theatre, of which the Theatre Olympics is a manifest illustration.

16 April 2023, Sunday, 8.30 pm, National Theatre, Main Stage

Book review - Theodoros Terzopoulos: The Return of Dionysus

Attis Theatre's performance of A Doll’s House followed by an audience meeting to present Theodoros Terzopoulos' book The Return of Dionysus, with the author. Additional participants at the book launch include András Kozma (translator) and Zsolt Antal (Deputy Rector of the University of Theatre and Film Arts, the publisher of the book, and head of the Antal Németh Institute for Drama Theory).

Színházi Olimpia

Zsolt Szász: New Dramaturgy on the Stage of History

In the Workshop of Director Attila Vidnyánszky

I have been following the development of Attila Vidnyánszky’s stage language since 2002, when I first entered into a closer working relationship with him as the dramaturg of his first Bánk bán (The Viceroy Bánk) production.

Színházi Olimpia

“Now I Need the Epic Spaciousness of Time”

Interview with Attila Vidnyánszky

Theatres are continuously looking for texts and topics, the hic et nunc relevant ways for expression. And probably this is the main reason why we turn to these great literary achievements because these days there are not many really significant new texts. Contemporary authors do not address theatre audiences in either a very shallow, lurid way or by contriving intellectual acrobatic stunts, they do not really reach the directors’ hearts. Meanwhile there are some miracle-works, which force a man to express himself, his environment, his feelings about life through them. There are no consciously thought-out, simple concepts through which these epic works attract attention, but they demand to be performed by their own power.