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Scapin’s Deceits

Silviu Purcărete is one of the world’s most acknowledged director, a celebrity of significant theatrical festivals and well known theatres. He directed Prokofiev’s opera Fiery Angel in the Csokonai Theater in November 2010, which won the „Best Performance” Prize in 2010 in Szeged Armel Opera Competition and Festival.

Our program

“Why are we pursuing the art of theatre now? The essential intellectual content now seems archaic. Maybe it even sounds ridiculous. But unless we address this question, the theatre will be insubstantial, it will lose its roots and wither. Theatre will waste its essence and move to mannered, artificial forms. Pathos is missing; we are afraid to be pathetic. It is so beautiful when one rides on waves of emotions, flying, and the soul awakens from the mud of everyday existence.” (Attila Vidnyánszky, director)


The National Theatre will be taking part in a showcase, organized by the Hungarian Theatre Critcs' Association, this March.

Angels in America

The National Theatre offers a special night to the audience. Tony Kushner’s Angels in America actually contains two whole play, which - for the first time in the world - could be reduced into one show with the writer’s permission. The new translation made by a young Hungarian poet, Balázs Szálinger.

Something to be pride of

- Season ending press-conference by Róbert Alföldi, Managing Director

In spite of unpredictableness, vagueness and cut back on the budget the Theatre holds all its programmes, attendance and curiosity for the National Theatre’s artistic work rather grown than reduced in the country and abroad too – Róbert Alföldi said to the press in his regular season evaluating press-conference.

The National Theatre attending festivals

At the most prestigious annual theatre festival of Hungary, called POSZT (Pécs National Theatre Festival) the National Theatre got six awards this year. Our theatre took most of the prizes at the 2011 edition of the festival. The professional jury as well as the jury of the audience chose Hunting Scenes from Lower Bavaria as the best performance (directed by Róbert Alföldi). Gábor Hevér got the best supporting actor award, the best actress under 30 award went to Csilla Radnay, and the best actor under 30 award to Tamás Szabó Kimmel. Márton Kovács, the composer of the performance, We Live Once got the award for the best music written for performance.


The first common platform of Budapest’s three leading theatres

10-13 February 2011