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“Each Generation Must Re-Invent Theatre”

A Roundtable Discussion with Eugenio Barba and Julia Varley

In the book you write that by the very beginning you and Grotowski were like two moles under the ground, no one knew anything about you, you didn’t know anything about theatre but something was born between you there in the railway station restaurant. You talked about everything, about profession, parents, countries where you lived.

The Second Madách International Theatre Meeting - Preface

Theatre life in Hungary has always been colorful and rich with variety, yet for a long time there was one striking absence, there were no large-scale international meetings. With the organization of the first MITEM (Madách International Theatre Meeting) in the spring of 2014, this changed. 

The Hairdresser

It is the world premiere of The Hairdresser. The play is a product of contemporary Russian drama, which is in active demand nowadays. Despite its modern features, it is rooted in the Gogolian traditions. It is a mirror for the fate of ordinary people, but the pursuit of happiness and the writer’s dedication to the human right to love shines through the grotesque style of the play.

Fabulous winged men

Attila Vidnyánszky evoked a strange vision in his new production. The main motive behind this vision is the perpetual human wish to fly, which has been realized through extended historical epochs in a colourful wide-screen tableaux. One of the threads of this story is the heroic struggle, during a certain period of history in the Soviet Union, between engineers whose aim was to triumph in their rivalry with one another in the field of cosmic research.