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The Sadness of Resurrection

The poems of Endre Ady played by László Földes Hobo

László Földes Hobo: “Today, spread by politics and the media hand in hand, hatred has gradually come to a point in our homeland that is intolerable. This troubles me! In my earlier performances and recordings I reacted to my era, examining our place and our responsibility. I always look for answers, this time through the work of Endre Ady. Ady has poems and essays that seem as if they were written today. But I am not trying to give a panorama of his work! I recite the poems and texts in which one senses the pugnacious love of homeland of a man who is nearing the end of his road, a man whose sense of responsibility has not flagged, here in the center of Europe, and his relationship to the past, to history, to those who share his fate, to the West, as well as his memories of loves past, dreams, and hopes…” 

09 April 2014