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The Trojan Women (Gdansk) MITEM 18

In The Trojan Women, Eurypides showed us what Homer did not tell us in THE ILIAD. What was the morning after the fall of Troy like. How women, until then representatives of the Royal lineage, have been pushed to the very bottom of human existence. What is their relationship with the conquerors, representatives of high Hellenistic culture, who by murdering the innocent and defenceless cross the boundaries of barbarism. While working on this production, the authors attempted to look at the process of maturing into vengeance - the victims against the perpetrators. Writing THE TROJAN WOMEN in the context of the ongoing Peloponnesian War, Euripides openly criticised the Athenians' imperial ambitions. He strove to make them understand that in any armed conflict there are no winners or losers. The Greeks in Homer's epic, like Euripides' Athenian contemporaries, believed they were invincible and this brought doom upon them.



Wybrzeże Theatre, Gdansk, Poland

Performed in Polish with Hungarian and English subtitles