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András Berecz

Pipe and lute - Homage to Aristotle

Photo: Szentimrey Panna


This show draws on ancient Greek written culture and modern Greek folk art. The millennia-old tales of cave-dwelling nymphs and the folk song of the outlaw Davelis, hiding in Attica's caves, drift side by side. A connection is made between the judges gathered in the café of Patras and the gods swarming on Olympus, between the punished Antiope and the imprisoned Eleni... Meanwhile, the nature of music is explored - bypassing the tone of philosophy, but following Aristotle - not only with stories and songs, but also with music and beautiful Greek male dances. Most of the songs are from early 20th century collections, including a phonograph recording from a 1905 Istana school, an illiterate dockworker in Vurla (now Turkey), New York emigrants - from 1917...


Graphic by Líviusz Gyulai


26 May 2019