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Robert Wilson

Oedipus MITEM

Adapted from Oedipus Tyrannos by Sophocles

1 hour(s) 15 minutes


Witness 1 - Lydia Koniordou
Witness 2 - Angela Winkler
Oedipus - Scott Jennings
Iocasta - Casilda Madrazo
A Woman - Laetitia Lalle Bi Benie
A Boy - Alexios Fousekis
Tiresias / A Shepherd - Meg Harper
Men at Crossing - Alessandro Anglani, Marcello di Giacomo, Gaetano Migliaccio, Francesco Roccasecca
Three Dancing Women - Laila Gozzi, Casilda Madrazo, Annabella Marotta
A man with saxophone - Dickie Landry
Black shadows / wedding dancers - Meg Harper, Alexis Fousekis, Laila Gozzi, Alessandro Anglani, Marcello di Giacomo, Francesca Gabucci, Annabella Marotta, Gaetano Migliaccio, Francesco Roccasecca
Voices of Robert Wilson and Christopher Knowles


Co-director: Ann Christin Rommen
Original music by Dickie Landry and Kinan Azmeh
Costume designer: Carlos Soto
Co-set designer: Annick Lavallée-Benny
Set design assistant: Flavio Pezzotti
Co-light designer: Solomon Weisbard / Marcello Lumaca
Dramaturg: Konrad Kuhn
Make-up & hair designer: Manu Halligan
Choreography of Aboriginal wedding dance: Whesley Enoch
Assistant director and stage manager: Sara Thaiz Bozano
Technical director: Enrico Maso
Lighting supervisor: Wee Cheng Low
Chief elex: Giuseppe Cino
Sound designer: Thorsten Hoppe
Light design assistant: Fabio Bozzetta
Props master: Cecilia Sacchi
Make up & hair: Nicole Tomaini / Claudia Bastia
Wardrobe: Caterina Villa
Costume assistants: Flavia Ruggieri / Francesca Sartorio

Costumes production: CIMEC Compagnia Italiana della Moda e del Costume Milano
Set construction: Stage Designer Lab Milano
Photos: Lucie Jansch
Robert Wilson’s personal assistant: Philip Bauer
Robert Wilson’s management by RW - Work Ltd
Production manager: Marta Dellabona
Production assistants: Martina Galbiati, Lorenzo De Marziani

Performance in Italian, English, French, German and Greek, based on the original Italian translation in verses by Ettore Romagnoli (1926) and Orsatto Giustiniani (1585)

Workshop and rehearsals have been realized at The Watermill Center, Long Island | Teatro Mercadante, Napoli | Centrale Fies, Dro | Teatro Grande, Pompei | Teatro Olimpico, Vicenza

Project by Change Performing Arts | director: Franco Laera

Commissioned and co-produced by 

Commissioned and co-produced by Conversazioni | Teatro Olimpico di Vicenza | Teatro Stabile di Napoli | in collaboration with MITEM, National Theater Budapest

Change Performing Arts, Milano, Itali

Performance in Italian, English, French, German and Greek with Hungarian subtitles