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I Brought Something Back From the Mountains With Me – Mária Mezei

Individual performance by Auguszta Tóth

“I’ve had many faces, now you see the real one, the face of a person who does not want to leave without her job done: she wants to make her home in people’s heart,” said Mária Mezei many years ago. She is evoked on stage by Auguszta Tóth. The ‘French-style Mezei’ from Kecskemét who was great playing cocottes, who wanted to be an actress and became one and how: the Diva, the Red Demon, the femme fatale! Is this really what she wanted, and did she want it this way? How did she live off-stage? Who did she love and how? Let us remember her with lots of music, lots of humour, and with due homage.

10 October 2015

Friday, 01 March 07:00 p.m.