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HOBO László Földes

Die and Prosper

An evening with László Földes Hobo – A musical Calvary in 14 stations. Songs, poems, confessions, stories from the last seventy years


Die and Prosper

Here in the theatre, I can confess everything, no-one will believe a word I say, anyway. Will it be easier afterwards? Like hell it will. What’ll make it easier is the applause: the fact that I can lie left and right and be applauded for it. Or can I tell the truth? They won’t believe it, and it’s just as well, the important thing is that they should clap their hands… That’s what’s good about the theatre. I can be everything here, including myself, they won’t believe it anyway. Then why should I lie? It’s not easy, it’s hard work, you have to make it all up, then write it down, learn it, and pretend as though…,” says Hobo.

04 October 2015

Tuesday, 12 March 07:30 p.m.

Kaszás Attila Stage