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Bertolt Brecht

The Caucasian Chalk Circle 14

Performance length: 3 hour(s) 15 minutes
Number of breaks: 1

The Hungarian text was written by András Kozma using the translation of Ágnes Nagy Nemes and Gábor Garai

Gruse Vacsnadze, kichen maid
Simon Csacsava, a soldier of the palace guard
Azdak, the village clerk
Georgi Abasvili, Governor
Natella, the governor's wife
Bizergan Kazbeki / Gigi, a lawyer / Ill
Lavrenti, Gruse's brother / Old milkman / Old peasant / Innkeeper
Salva, policeman
Gruse's "mother-in-law" / Old wife
Josif, Gruse's "husband" / Gogi, the governor's adjutant/ Doctor / Soldier / Refugee / Young peasant
Rich Peasant / Duke / Old Husband
Arszen Kazbeki / Guard leader / Refugee
Woodhead, common soldier / Soldier / Horseman
Aniko, Lavrenti's wife / Nanny / Cook / Peasant woman / Mama Georgia
Zsuzsuna / Young girl / Peasant woman / Clerk
Soldier / Young Peasant
Set and costume designer
Assistant costume designer

Ranáta Gyöngyösi

Gia Kancseli

and Georgian folk music


Anikó Sütő

Stage manager

Gábor Dobos

István Géczy

Krisztián Ködmen

Assistant director

Péter Kernács

The use of Gábor Garai's translation was authorized by the UMPA Agency.

07 January 2023

Hungary • National Theatre, Budapest

Performed in Hungarian. On MITEM with English subtitles