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Theodoros Terzopoulos

Theodoros Terzopoulos was born in Makrygialos village. He founded Attis Theatre Company in Delphi in 1985.

He has directed ancient tragedies, opera and the most leading modern plays in Greece and in famous theatres worldwide. Over 37 years he has presented more than 2200 performances worldwide. His approach to the classic Greek tragedy is part of the curriculum in Theatre Academies and Departments of Classical Studies. He leads many workshops, lectures about his method, and is an Emeritus professor in Academies and Universities. Since 2013 he has held the annual international summer workshop “The Return of Dionysus - The Method of Theodoros Terzopoulos” for young artists. He has received many international Theatre Awards. Books on his acting method and Attis Theatre, including The Return of Dionysus in which he explains his method, have been published in many languages.

He has been artistic director of theatre institutions, such as:
Director of the Drama School of the State Theatre of Northern Greece (1981-1983), Artistic Director of the International Meetings on Ancient Drama in Delphi (1985 – 1988, 1995 – 2004), Founding member of the International Institute of Mediterranean Theatre (since 1990),  Founder and Chairman of the International Committee of Theatre Olympics (since 1995), Founder and Artistic Director of the International Meetings of Ancient Drama in Sikyon Municipality (since 2005).

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Theodoros Terzopoulos