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MITEM - 18 October - 6 PM


30th Jubilee of Berehove Theatre

18 October – 6 p.m. 
Attila Kaszás Hall
Registration: regisztracio@nemzetiszinhaz.hu


Screenings, discussions, audience meetings, an exhibition - events, memories, past and present issues from three decades of Berehove Theatre. Entrance to the screenings and discussions is free of charge.


A scene from the performance "Tóték" (Tót Family) by Zsolt Eöri-Szabó


Film: Theatre on the Border

The town of Berehove is just a few kilometres on the Ukrainian side of the Trianon border. This Transcarpathian theatre operates “on the border” not only in a geographic and minority theatre sense, but artistically as well: between the Hungarian and the Russian-Ukrainian theatre worlds, and also between theatres in Hungary and across the border. This is the subject of a documentary made in 2005.

(27 September 2023)