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MITEM - 9 October – 2 p.m.

Madách Marathon

9 October – 2 p.m.
Attila Kaszás Hall
Registration: regisztracio@nemzetiszinhaz.hu


The Madách Project was a special event at the 10th Theatre Olympics, with the participation of student actors from 11 countries. Over 200 students from Poland, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Romania, the UK, France, Georgia, Canada and Hungary presented their home-produced scenes and then, under the direction of Attila Vidnyánszky, they put together a Tragedy performance presented in an industrial hall in Budapest’s Hajógyári sziget (Shipyard Island). MITEM’s Tragedy Marathon features a short making-of documentary alongside a recording of the monumental seven-hour multilingual performance. 



The Marathon intermissions include discussions about Madách and the Tragedy, theatre and literature - along with coffee and sandwiches.      

The detailed programme is available at mitem.hu, nemzetiszinhaz.hu


(27 September 2023)