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Something to be pride of

Managing Director of the Hungarian National Theatre, Róbert Alföldi said that the attendance of the Theatre during 2011 was quite favourable. There were 364 performances in four venues, from which 333 shows were the Theatre’s own production. Almost 117000 people saw the shows which means about 90% of attendance of the own shows. The Facebook site of the National Theatre has more than 6440 fans at the moment, and the Theatre now has more than 5.600 visitors who bought season tickets. Réka Tenki and Sándor Gáspár will join the company in the Season 2012/2013 while Roland Rába leaves the Theatre. Mr. Alföldi also mentioned that there will be 11 new productions during the Season 2012/2013. On the press-conference Andrei Serban, director of Angels in America, said that the physical, moral and spiritual illness are standing in the middle of the now-classic play. The United States based director stressed how glad he was to come back to the Hungarian National Theatre, and likewise during the rehearsals of Three Sisters they’re working in a very good mood. Csaba Bartha, vice president of the Romanian Cultural Institute which is the production’s supporter, mentioned the openness of the National Theatre as their present and future cooperation’s pledge. Bence Mátyássy, whose first job as a director will be a “musical” with the working title “Jönnek a man-ek!”, said about the new play only that super heroes would “invade” Hungary in it, and the heroes would be played by as great actors as Gyula Bodrogi and László Sinkó. Zalán Makranczi added that the production’s genre would be a dancing-musical show with a little bit of philosophy. Julien Couzy, the French Institute’s cultural attaché said how delighted was Jean Lambert-wild, director of the play which based upon a Gypsy tale, who has been in Hungary a few months ago to do the casting of the production. And János Mohácsi is going to put on stage The Merchant of Venice in Spring 2013. In Season 2012/2013 the cooperation will continue with the Óbudai Danubia Orchestra, The 90 Decibel Project, the Budapest Autumn and Spring Festival, the Hungarian Theatre Museum and Institute, the French Institute and the Theatre Critics Guild. There will be more type of season tickets as well.

In the end of the press-conference Mr.Alföldi mentioned the fact that it’s almost impossible to run the National Theatre only by the subsidy so he thanked all the companies for supporting the institution.

(22 August 2012)